Meet Our Team

Scott Ege P.T., M.S.Founder & President

Scott Ege is a graduate of the University of Iowa (1988) and Des Moines University Master’s degree program in physical therapy (1990). For over 30 years, Scott has provided comprehensive and integrated workers’ health services for manufacturing, warehousing, office, retail, logistics and healthcare industries. He has presented innovative approaches at the national level for the prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and health in the workplace, and is considered an expert in both reactive and proactive strategies. Scott played an essential role in a collaborative effort with OSHA and the American Physical Therapy Association that focused on best practices and clarification of OSHA first aid standards. His concepts and achievements have been published in the Journal of WORK, PT Magazine, PT Products, PT Today, and Occupational Health & Safety Magazine. Scott is the creator of the nationally recognized programs titled Stretch It Out!® and PowerMoves™. He is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). 

Russ Morgan A.T.C.Early Intervention Specialist

Russ Morgan joined Ege WorkSmart Solutions in 2012. He is  a certified Athletic Trainer and Early Intervention Specialist who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training from Eastern Illinois University (1998). Russ began his career as a high school rehabilitative and first responder for various practices and sporting events. As the onsite leader of the high school medical team, Russ facilitated and implemented treatment protocols while also serving as the point person for communication between athletic directors, coaches, parents, players, and outside medical personnel. In addition to athletic coverage, Russ worked more than 10 years in clinical, industrial and sports development markets. He has his Level 1 Fitness Instructor and Level 2 Juniors Instructor certifications from the Titleist Performance Institute. 

Russ’ track record of helping individuals of all ages achieve their goals (i.e., returning to normal daily activities, work, or elite levels of athletic competition), in conjunction with his background in musculoskeletal disorders, understanding of ergonomics, and application of human performance is commendable and serves of great value to employers and workers alike. Our clients appreciate the level of expertise and care he provides. We are extremely grateful to have him on our team!

Julie Gregg-McAuley A.T.C.Early Intervention Specialist

Julie Gregg-McAuley joined our team in 2013 as a certified Athletic Trainer and Early Intervention Specialist. She earned her bachelor’s degree in athletic training at Southern Illinois University (1996). She brings 25 years of professional experience in musculoskeletal disorders and direct patient and client care in occupational rehab, clinical, industrial and sports medicine industries. Working onsite for several years with a major automotive manufacturing facility in Illinois, Julie helped to implement and perform job site analyses and investigations, job coaching and early intervention. She has also designed and provided rehabilitation programs for Work Conditioning clients with a focus on progression towards healing and return to work. As the head athletic trainer for the local high schools, Julie implemented and facilitated sports rehabilitation and treatment programs for injured athletes and acted as a communication liaison between athletes, parents, coaches, and administrative parties. 

Today, Julie focuses her work with employers in the realm of early intervention, ergonomics, and human performance. Clients consistently share how thrilled they are to have Julie providing care and guidance on ergonomics, worker health and safety to their employees. We are extremely grateful to have Julie on our team!